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Security: Due to heightened security requirements, containers such as backpacks and coolers will be prohibited on the airfield. Some exceptions will be made for items such as diaper bags, purses, and folding lawn chairs, but visitors must submit them to security personnel for an inspection. Weapons are strictly prohibited. Weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, blades (including pocket knives), and blunt objects. Patrons with firearms will be asked to leave the installation or their weapons will be confiscated and will not be returned.

Location: The air show is held on the Massachusetts Military Reservation on Cape Cod.

Weather: Event will be held rain or shine.

Leaving and Re-entering: You may leave and re-enter as you desire. However, you will need to go through security checkpoints again.

Bags and purses: Small fanny packs, purses, diaper bags and camera bags are permitted, and subject to approval by gate security personnel and a hand-search at the security checkpoint. Large tote-style bags and backpacks will not be permitted.

Coolers: Coolers are not permitted.

Folding chairs: Folding chairs are permitted, and if it comes in a carrying bag, it will be subject to inspection.

Pets: No pets are allowed, however Seeing-eye dogs will be permitted.

Strollers: Strollers are permitted will be hand-searched at the security checkpoint.

Admission fee: There is no fee for admission.

Smoking: Smoking is permitted only in designated areas. (NOT ON THE FLIGHT LINE).

Parking: There is no fee for parking, however, a parking donation of $10 per car requested.

Overnight accommodations: Please check the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce for hotel and motel recommendations.

Gates open: 8:00 am on Saturday and Sunday



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